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TALL Real Estate Blog – June, 2024

The real estate market, like our baby ducks, was full of activity. Yet it was, in one word, cautious. The ducklings are inquisitive, always wondering ...
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TALL Real Estate Blog – May, 2024

We do more than sell real estate! 😃 When we’re not selling, we’re singing! Emese is an accomplished soprano vocalist and since last September, she ...
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TALL Real Estate Blog – April, 2024

After nearly two years of declining house prices, sellers want some good news. Typically, April Fool’s Day is loaded with practical jokes. This time though, ...
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TALL Real Estate Blog – March, 2024

Every time we show homes to our buyers, we are “wet rags”, as it were. We prepare our buyers for this before we take them ...
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TALL Real Estate Blog – April, 2023

Have you seen the snowdrops and other perennials sprouting from the earth yet? Even though we’re officially into Spring now, we all know that Spring ...
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Real Estate Prices are Dropping – When Should You Buy?

As you know, the aggregate price of real estate is dropping. Some real estate professionals and media outlets are very optimistic about the current market. ...
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TALL Real Estate Blog – December, 2021

A lot of people look forward to the new year because it’s like starting a new chapter in a book. You’re about to finish one ...
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TALL Real Estate Blog – November, 2021

Can you believe we’re only 53 days away from Christmas? When we reach the beginning of November, we realize how close we’re getting to the ...
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TALL Real Estate Blog – October, 2021

How often has someone asked you about a particular professional or a service company? For example, they may have asked, “Do you know a good ...
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